Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Frosty the Snowman Kit

I made these snowman kits for some of my Christmas gifts this year.

I found a black foam hat at Michaels and decorated it will ribbon. I also found the fake carrot for the nose at Michaels. I bought gloves and a scarf at the dollar store and glued a foam heart on one of the gloves.

For the eyes and buttons I bought craft wood pieces, painted them, and glue short wooden dowels on them to stick into the snow. For the mouth I bought some christmas berries that resembled cranberries and left the wires on them to stick in the snow. I piled it all in the upside down hat and put a little poem with it.

I am a little snowman. I am so fat and round.
I started from a snowflake that fell upon the ground.
I have black coal for my eyes, a great big scarf of red.
I have a carrot for a nose, a hat upon my head.
I have some buttons on my vest, and for each hand a glove.
I have a smile for all who pass, because I was made with love.

Happy snowman making!

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  1. STOP IT! I think I'll do this NEXT year for my neighbors. BY FAR THE CUTEST neighbor gift I've seen yet! DANG IT I wish I would've seen this awhile ago!

  2. FYI: I'm going to feature you.

  3. I LOVE that! That's what I'm giving my little nephew this year, what a cute idea!!

  4. One of the most clever things I've ever seen. I wish it came with SNOW for us poor southerners. :)

    These are darling. Thanks for sharing.



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