Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dustpan Cookies

To make Dustpan Cookies, bake or buy your favorite cookies. Break a few of them, and crush one or two to create cookie crumbs. Place the cookies and crumbs in a new dustpan, and wrap with clear food storage wrap. Attach a gift tag with one of the following poems:

While baking you this Christmas treat, I dropped it on the floor.
So I decided to just sweep it up and leave it at your door!


We "dust" think you're great.
Merry Christmas from your Crumby Neighbors.


While baking you some cookies,
there was knocking at the door.
As I jumped up to answer it,
the pan fell to the floor.

I stood among the cookie crumbs
and wondered what to do.
The day was late, the time was short,
I had no gift for you.

I bent and swept the cookies up
into a small dustpan.
A friend like you, I told myself,
would surely understand.

The gifts that matter most in life
are those the heart does send.
With that in mind, I give to you
these cookies from a friend.

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