Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free printable gifts

One of my secret gift idea weapons is Prim Doodles. It is a website that offers lots of free images to print out, templates, and tutorials on how to use them. Not everyone likes the Prim thing, but here in the Midwest, where I live, it is still really popular. They have gift bags and boxes to print right out. I love using grocery sacks to print them on- they are heavy weight enough to hold their shape, and the brown paper just gives it that aged grunge look. I simply cut the bag to be the same size as my printer paper.

One of my favorite projects is the clock. At Wal-mart, they sell these four dollar clocks, I've seen them everywhere. You print out the clock face from Prim Doodles, pop the front off the clock, remove the hands carefully, and slip the new face in. In about ten minutes, you have a really great looking gift, that didn't break the bank.

Prim Doodles has all sorts of things to print out- stationary, business cards, tags, candy wrappers, checkbook covers, down to little notes to put in your child's lunch box. They even have empty templates for your images if you would rather forgo Raggedy Ann. Next time you are at the grocery store, get paper instead of plastic, and see what you can make!

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  1. There are a lot of really fun ideas on that site. I like the jiffy popcorn toppers. We will have to put that site link in a list of gifts sites on a side bar when we make it.



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