Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gift Giving to Collectors

photo by ccharmon

I found this interesting article talking about what kind of gifts you could give a collector. I love the idea of giving a a gift that goes with their collection, but isn't necessarily part of their collection. For example, you could give someone a bouquet of flowers to give to a vase collector, or maybe some cooking gadgets for a recipe collector. Check it out below:

"It's not always easy to find the right gift to add to a friend's collection. When you can't find just the right addition, don't give up! There are lots of ways to give a personal gift that still reflects their collection or personality.

Here are a few ideas to start off with.

Fleece Throws
For under $20., in one hour, you can make a personal throw that reflects their collection or personality.

Find an old game tile, e.g. Mah Jong or Domino, and drill a hole through it. Use a a few yards of rayon cord, tie a few simple macrame knots to make a necklace pendant. Or use a sturdier cord to make a key ring.

A large vintage button can make a neat pin to wear on a jacket. Buy a pinback at a crafts store and glue to the back of the button.

Have a bunch of old buttons? Sort them by color, then using elastic cord to crochet an expandable bracelet. Thread the buttons on the cord as you crochet.

Picture Frame
Use tiles from an old Scrabble game to personalize a picture frame with either a name, date or occasion. Simply glue the tiles on a painted frame. Play around with the design a bit, before doing the final gluing.

Covered Boxes
I saw the cutest wooden box in a catalog the other day and it's something on my to-do list. It was covered with all sorts of matchbook covers on the outside. The one in the catalog had a cigar box look inside, but just a simple paint job or lining it with fabric would also work.

Make color copies of postcards to cover a box as mentioned above. I've also seen postcards that were color copied and enlarged, then laminated for place mats.

Who doesn't like to get a home made food gift? For a pottery collector, find an interesting plate and put an assortment of cookies or baked goods on it, cover with clear wrap and a big bow. To add a finishing touch, always use a paper doily under the goodies, along with a copy of the recipe.

Can't find a nice pottery piece? How about a big tin of cookies to fill the jar they already have? Write a funny little note to go with the cookies, perhaps mentioning how at least one jar needs cookies!

Or make a Cookie Pound cake to give to those cookie jar collectors that refuse to put cookies in any of their jars."

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