Friday, September 18, 2009

Easy ABC Blocks

An easy gift idea that I like to do for baby showers is to give these cute little decorative wooden ABC blocks. I get them at Hobby Lobby as plain wood. When they are on sale you can get them for as little as a dollar each! I pick up a few colors of craft paint to match the nursery and paint them. Craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Roberts have a lot of great wooden gifts that only need a little paint or stain to complete. Since they are boxes with lids, you can fill them if you want to. You could put passifires,  baby booties, socks, bibs etc. inside. If you are compiling multiple gifts to put in a basket these are great because they take up a lot of room and are only around $5! And because you took the time to paint them it adds a personal touch as well.

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