Monday, October 5, 2009

A Friend having a bad day!

Every January I make up little gift bags full of smiley face party stuff.  I get things from the Dollar Store, party stores, Oriental Trading and grocery stores.  I fill the smiley face bags with candy and other party type items with a smiley face on them.  I attach a tag that says, "Don't worry, Be happy!  Someone is thinking about you today.....Me!"  and then I sign it.  I keep these around for quick gifts when I find out that someone has had a bad day or is going through something sad.    (

I also found this poem at The Idea Door that you give with a bag of hugs and kisses candy. (The bag idea came from

A Hug and Kiss from me to you,

For when you're down and feeling blue.

You may not smile at a silly card,

But frowning at chocolate is really hard!

Love, Your budd
(THANK Shelby Farnsworth for sharing this cute poem.)

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