Friday, October 30, 2009

Silk Flowers vs. Real Ones

I just had a week where I spent money on two floral arrangements. One was real, and one was fake. I have always had the attitude that fake flowers were tacky, but I have to admit that over the years they have come a long way. They look so real and after all the real plants I haven't been able to keep alive, it became an alternative worth looking into. 

Depending on the sales (a local craft store near me called Hobby Lobby often sells their floral stuff 50% off) and the size of the arrangement, you can create something beautiful that you never have to water and it will never die, for the same price you would pay for the real deal, especially if you are dealing with shipping costs.

Here is what I made for my kitchen table (to go on top of the table runner I stenciled last week)

After putting in rocks I added fake water and then the plants. After 8 hours the water cured and it is now helping to hold the flowers in place. I am thinking of adding another box of fake water since the one I did only covers the rocks, but you get the idea. The flowers are Alliums and Hydrangea's, and Lavender. I can't remember the name of the little white flowers.

Here are some ideas for smaller, easier versions that you could make as a gift:

So next time I am thinking about getting someone flowers, I may consider making them some instead. Of course you always need to remember to plan it around the decorating style of their home.

Also, if you don't want to make a floral arrangement, you can purchase them at any craft store but Target also sells a lot of cool ones.

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