Thursday, October 22, 2009

You can never have too much glitter.

 I went out "vintage" shopping this week, which is like antique shopping except more junky. I noticed that everything this year is coated in glitter! Isn't it funny how some years glitter is totally tacky and only for kid's annoying hemmoraging art projects, and other years it is so trendy? Well, this year it is in, so I have been stocking up while I can. Lots of the stuff being sold at the vintage stores around here are like this:

I thought, I should be able to make stuff like this! It is only cardboard! Why on earth is it so expensive? So I made some stuff, and it looked like cardboard. In fact, it looked like the kiddie art projects I was talking about! I found out that the trick is german glass glitter- I guess it tarnishes over time, and gives things that rich look. There are a bazillion places to buy it on the internet, so I am going to buy some and try it out. Glittery Halloween stuff is big this year too- I love the black glitter skellingtons I saw at Wal-mart.

I made some glittery Halloween stuff to sell at the flea market, and here are some pictures for you:

Maybe you can grab some inspiration from one of my projects to make a gift for someone you know who loves glitter! And yes, all the ravens are wearing tiaras. Why not?

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