Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recycling Sweaters for Cozy Gifting!

Martha (who needs no last name) has a cute idea at her blog right now about recycling your sweaters that are too old to wear but too sentimental or cool to throw away. She suggests making mittens or throw pillows out of them.


I hate being cold in the winter and getting some mittens or comfy pillow covers would really comfy cozy me right up!

She says, "...incorporate the stitch patterns and designs commonly found on sweaters. To begin, machine-wash a woolen garment in hot water, and toss it in a dryer set to a high temperature. (You may need to wash and dry it more than once. If you can snip the fabric with scissors and it doesn't fray, it's felted.) Then it's a matter of cutting out shapes and stitching pieces together. Get started now, and you'll have plenty of presents at the ready for holiday giving."

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