Sunday, January 24, 2010

A gift for the person who has everything...something HANDMADE from you!!!

 My daughter is dating a rich guy.  I know, I should be happy right?  He is only rich because his parents are rich and this is the problem!  My daughter wanted to give her boyfriend's mom a Christmas gift that was something she couldn't just go out and buy.  Of course it had to be perfect and nice enough for someone who thinks money is no object.  No pressure right.  She wanted me to make a set of handmade note cards just for her.  My heart dropped.  Yes I can make some beautiful cards for friends and family that love me and I will never know if they hate them and are just humoring me.  I did not want to be the one to disappoint my daughter and embarrass her for the rest of her teenage years.  Who was I to ruin her for life because I was so full of myself to think someone I did not know would like a gift I made.  (And she really scares me!)  So, I let my daughter pick out the papers and had her help me each step of the way by her approvals.  In the end, I figured that if she was willing to give the gift, she was willing to take the heat.  Her boyfriend's mom loved the gift and wants me to find a way to sell my cards so she can purchase more.  I guess you never really know unless you take that scary first step.




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