Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snow Day Party

My son was born in the middle of January. I remember driving to the hospital at 4 am on icy roads and freezing temperatures. So when his 1st birthday came around I thought back to that day and decided to celebrate with a Snow Day Party.

~Invitations ~
I used snowflake paper with snowflake embelishments. The invite read:

Taye was born in the winter a year ago,
It was cold; there was ice and even some snow.
Now it is time to remember that winter day.
Come play in the snow and celebrate with Taye.
(no real snow included)

I decorated with glittery snowflakes, dark blue table runners, and snowflake tea lights.

I wanted to make these chair covers that I found at Family Fun, but they didn's go with the rest of my decorations. I think they are adorable.

Chili with all the fixins (cheese, cornbread, sour cream and tortilla strips)
Quesadillas cut in the shape of snowflakes
Cheese ball shaped like a snowman (complete with carrot nose and fruit roll up scarf)

Powdered Doughnut Snowballs
White Cotton Candy Snow
Pretzel Rods dipped in white chocolate and rolled in sugar
Snowflake Popcorn (recipe from Betty Crocker)

Frosty Grapes (wet grapes, dip in sugar, freeze....soooo good)

Polar Ice Cap Drink (blue kool-aid (prepared as directed), ginger ale, vanilla ice cream)

Some other recipes I wanted to try were Snow Pudding and Berries in the Snow.

As each child arrived we took a photo of them in front of a white back drop. They each decorated a frame with foam snowflakes and we put the picture into the frame for them to take home.

Here are some activity ideas that I would have liked to do, but many of the children were too young:

Indoor Snowman
Create your own indoor snowman. Split the kids into teams. Give each team a snowman making kit including a roll of toilet paper or paper towels, construction paper, elastics, felt, glue and any other items you may find. Each team wraps one team member with toilet paper and decorates with accessories.
Award prizes for fastest, most creative, etc.

Snowball Fight
Make "snowballs" out of white tissue paper. Split the kids into two teams. Mark a line on the floor and each team stands on one side of the line. Play a wintery song - when the song is over, the time is up. The team with the fewest snowballs on their side is the snowball champion.

Snow Globes
Using empty, clean baby food jars, let kids create their own snow globes. Provide decorating essentials like
figurines that can be found in cake decorating stores, and glitter. Attach figurines to the inside of the lid with hot glue (adult job). Fill the jar (about 2/3 of the way) with cold water and add glitter, foil snowflakes or anything else that's snow-like. Put the lid on the jar and seal with hot glue. Flip over and cover the lid with ribbon.

Pass the Snowball
Play like Hot Potato, but pass an oversized foam ball to some fun Winter music.

~Party Favor~
The frame wasn't enough. so I gave each child a goodie bag filled with toys and candy. There were mini rubber duckies, bouncy balls, bubbles and candy with snowflakes on them. Then I finished it off with a ribbon and glittery snowflake.

Everyone had a great time and it made me very excited for all the parties to come.

Even the dog celebrated Taye's special day.

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  1. Something I like to do with my kids- except that it is really messy- You put plastic on the table, and empty a bunch of cans of shaving cream all over it- then let the kids drive their toy cars and use their Hoth Star Wars action figures in the "snow". Everything just rinses off, including the kids. I really like doing this in the summer on a picnic table that can be hosed off!

  2. Tamara...I just LOVE all your ideas lady. Where do you get all these creative juices? Actually...all of you are amazing. I love reading all your posts and I've saved several for future use! Thanks!



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