Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sports Party

When my son turned two he cared about only one thing...balls. I know that sounds weird but if it was round and related to a sport he loved it. So, coming up with a theme for his second birthday was easy...Sports!

~Invitations ~
I found these Football Invitations in a Box at Oriental Trading.
The box itself is the invitation — and each box contains an inflatable football just for fun!


I started with a football field table runner and used sports themed cups and plates that I found at the dollar store. I cut the top off of a football piñata to hold the plates and silverware.

I finished the look with some hung up lanterns shaped like sports balls (Oriental Trading).


The food for this party was easy, because I did traditional stadium food...hotdogs and hamburgers, popcorn, chips and salsa, etc. For the cake I made cupcakes and put caps on them. These cupcake caps are from They are easy to use. You simply bake the cupcakes, schmear a little frosting on, plop Cupcake Caps on top, and Ta Da! They taste kind of like marshmellow and are surprisingly soft to bite into. They made the cupcakes look so much better then if I had frosted them myself.

As the guests arrived I had them sign a soccer ball with their birthday wishes for my son. I thought it was a fun little keepsake for him to look back at. I also got a soccer ball for each of the children to decorate and and take home with them.

What would a little boys party be without a piñata. They kids had a blast taking turns hitting the soccer ball, but loved it even more when the candy exploded all over the floor.

~Party Favor~
Along with the decorated soccer ball, I gave each child a bag of sports related toys and candy with a little note that said "Thanks for celebrating my 2nd birthday with me. I hope you had a 'BALL'".

Everyone had a great time at the party.
And Taye is glad you "PICKED" our blog to read all about his fun day.

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