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15 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

15 Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

1. Hidden Easter Basket Clues:

When your children get up on Easter morning don’t just let them search for their Easter basket- give them a plastic egg with a clue inside. This should lead them to another plastic egg, which leads to another and so on, until finally leading them to their basket. Use up to about a dozen eggs per child. They’ll have so much fun they’ll almost be disappointed when they get to the basket at the end. When they get older have them make up clues for each other.

2.  Spider Web:

While your children are sleeping, hide their Easter baskets in the house and tie a long string to each one. Loop the strings throughout the whole house, around and over and under furniture so it looks like a huge tangled spider web eventually leading to their rooms. Tie the end of each string to the doorknob of the child whose basket it’s attached to, so when they come out of their rooms on Easter morning they can follow their own string throughout the house to find their Easter basket. Place some extra treats along the way to make it extra fun.

3. Odd or Even Egg Hunt:

For this game you must write ODD or EVEN numbers on each egg. When the kids are lined up for the egg hunt give each an odd or even number assignment. They can only get eggs in their assignment

4. Math Egg Hunt:
Hide plastic eggs with numbers in them, ranging from maybe 1 to 5 then, limit the children to how many they can find, like maybe 6 or something then after they’re all found, total up the numbers that are in their eggs and the one with the highest number wins a prize. Have candy in the plastic eggs too, so that everybody will end up with something

5. Color- Coded toys:

Hide small toys inside plastic eggs. If your gifts are child exclusive ( such as Matchbox car for a boy or Barbie accessories for a girl) give them a special color egg to find. If they find colors not intended for them, they must be quite about it, and they’ll think they are in on a special secret.

6.Secret Prizes:

Hide plastic Easter eggs with little notes inside, telling what the prize is. It can be in the form of a poem or just a clue (like this hippety hop). Buy little items such as candy eggs, toys, or little stuffed bunnies or chicks for prizes. Make sure everyone gets at least one prize.

7. Secret Notes:

Put little notes in plastic eggs. Things like “You have to give Aunt Mary a big hug” or “You get to take a piece of candy out of Andys basket” or “You must do one favor for uncle Tom”. Have some prize eggs too that have numbers inside which match a gift.

8. Designated Color Egg Hunt:

Keep your egg hunt equal for all of the kids by painting ONE color of egg child. At the start of the hunt, give each child a different colored egg for their basket. Tell them this is the color that they’re supposed to hunt for (any other colors don’t count) and also the number of eggs that are hidden. The first child to find their eggs wins a special prize.

9. Find Your Name Egg Hunt:

Before your party write each person’s name on one egg. The person that finds their first wins a prize.

10. Winning Numbers Egg Hunt:

Fill plastic eggs with small toys, temporary tattoos, stickers and wrapped candies for the hunt. Along with plastic eggs, hide a few real colored eggs. These eggs should have numbers painted on them and whoever finds one can exchange it for the corresponding numbered prize (stuffed animals, chocolate bunnies, Easter books ,etc.

11. Checklist Egg Hunt:

For large Easter Egg Hunts, make checklists for each child. Give each child a basket with a checklist and pencil in it and instruct the kids to find ONLY what is on their checklist and no more, otherwise someone else would be without enough. Make all of the checklist the same for each child and make sure you have enough eggs hidden so that everyone can complete theirs. You can have a grand prize too, for whichever child completes his checklist first by finding all of the items on it the fastest! The checklists could read something like this.

___Find 2 blue eggs
___Find 3 pink eggs
___Find 1 yellow egg
___Find 2 orange eggs
___Find 4 purple eggs
___Find 3 green eggs

12. Indoor Egg Hunt:

Is rain going to ruin your Easter egg hunt? Just hide jelly beans inside the house and have your adults or kids hunt for them. Depending on the egg of the participants you can make the hunt easy or hard. Ever try and see a black jelly bean on a black object? Have fun!!

13. Night-time Egg Hunt:

For older kids (or adults), try an egg hunt in the dark! Give everyone a cheap flashlight to look for their eggs. Or try a glow in the dark egg hunt and paint every egg with glow in the dark paint.

14. Reverse Egg Hunt:

Have your children make at least five eggs each and hide them around the house. When they are done hiding them, the parents look for them and the child whose egg is found last wins a prize.

15. Treasure Map Egg Hunt:

Make up treasure maps for your egg hunt. Draw the maps to scale with each tree, bush and flower on the map and let the children plot out the hiding spots of all the eggs they find on their maps. Or you can plot the hiding spots on the maps when you hide the eggs –then give a copy of the map to each of the children and let them go to town finding the eggs by using the map. Obviously, this works out best if you are using large area for your egg hunt.

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  1. I'm linking up to this post on a post I have scheduled on 4-8. =) Thank you for the great ideas!

  2. These are wonderful ideas! I especially loved the first suggestion! I actually have a FREE printable Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt with 8 clue cards at my site -


    I hope you will hop over and use them in your HAppy Home!!! And I love YOUR site here - it's so whimsical!

  3. What an amazing collection of magic! I especially loved the scavenger hunt idea! I made a free printable scavenger hunt with 8 clue cards to be used on Easter Sunday! Check it out here...


    Thanks for your commitment to building Happy Homes! Your site is amazing! :-)

  4. Great ideas! I love #1 the best, my kids are still too young for that though, so I'll probably just hide some eggs around the house.




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