Monday, April 26, 2010

 It's almost the end of another school year!!  Wow how time flies!  Time to start thinking about teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Days and end of the year gifts.  Here are a few that I found....(Thank you to cindylough!)
Appreciation 7 days a week
This year for teacher appreciation week we will be giving each teacher a "days of the week" pill box filled with little treats and sayings. I found the pill boxes at the dollar store.

You may download the sayings if you like -

(I didn't use the "We are lucky to have you for a teacher" saying. It would go nicely with a lottery ticket!)
Fabric covered tacks fill one of the compartments to tell them they are sharp!

I used Jessica Jones' fabulous instructions to make the fabric covered thumbtacks

Some purchased colorful clips fill the next compartment

Next up marble magnets

These are simple to make with glass gems (floral department at the craft store), E600 craft adhesive, a 3/4 inch hole punch, 3/4 inch magnets and decorative scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and or magazine scraps. First punch out a circle and glue it to the back of the glass gem. I removed air bubbles by moving paper in a circular motion to distribute glue evenly and then pressing hard. Allow to set. Next glue the magnet to the back of your papered gem. I found it necessary to sort my glass gems to find the largest ones with no scratches or imperfections. If your glass gems are smaller try using a 1/2 inch hole punch and 1/2 inch magnets.

A measuring tape tells our teacher that they really measure up

Change for the soda machine fills another compartment

Small little post-it notes (the kind for marking a page) just fit to say, "Just a note to let you know we think you are a wonderful teacher!"

Some mints to say thank you

Wrapped all up with a little gift tag that reads:
A daily gift for all you do,
Teaching my child each day through.
Making a difference without taking a rest,
As a teacher, you're one of the best!

Hopefully our teachers will feel appreciated each day!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

How about a fun candy gram! Shauna will show you how! You can find more candy gram sayings here.


For those of you that love stamping Nichole Heady has some great teacher gift ideas like this basket full of a journal jar, embellished notebook and beautiful card.

Embellished hand sanitizer is a useful gift. Learn how from Lisa Johnson
Michelle Rodgers has a darling candy bar cover.
Every teacher could use some cute sticky note covers learn how from GreetingArts!



At our school teachers must now wear a badge. Cute2Carry offers an easy tutorial for making a pretty lanyard for those badges.

Help your teacher take their lunch to school in style with this simple oil cloth lunch sack ---filled with a gift certificate to a local sandwich shop would make it extra nice!

Every teacher could use a bookmark ----attach a note that says, "You wrote the book on being a great teacher" and enclose a gift certificate for your local bookstore to make it extra special!
How About Orange shows us how to make some pretty bookmarks from your favorite fabric.
You can find more handmade bookmark ideas here

"Just a note to say......................." You may find the pattern in the shop.

Little Birdie Secrets has a tutorial for a fancy notebook.
 Love these Mod Podge clipboards from Marta.
How about this cute paper cake with a saying, You take the cake!" Heather has a great tutorial.
More homemade gift ideas can be found here
More teacher appreciation ideas can be found here.

Make your teachers feel loved and appreciated this year!

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