Friday, April 2, 2010

Master Bedroom Decor- Love Collage

Once upon a time I heard that your master bedroom should be a relaxing romantic getaway.  They said to put your kids pictures everywhere else in the house, but not in your bedroom. This is so that when you are there you aren't thinking about all of your other responsibilities. The idea is to just have pictures of you and your spouse or significant other.

Most of my pictures of my hubby and I are from the days of film, or not professional ones anyway. So I don't have any one that I would want to blow up and frame.

One day I happened across an old diary of mine and read several entries I wrote of when we met and were dating. I also found some old homemade Valentine's Day Cards an old notebook where we used to write little love notes to each other and leave for the other person to find. I thought it would be special to display my favorite journal entries and love notes along with our pictures of us together.

Getting my inspiration from Steph's master bedroom at Somewhat Simple, I decided to do a collage above our headboard.

(Ignore the mismatched pillow cases, let's pretend the really nice ones are in the laundry)

I bought the 22X28 frame %50 off at Hobby Lobby. The two lettered frames on each side were also %50 off. 

The glass for the frame was too much so it is on the list of things to get in the future. But for now it works as is :)

I put together the collage in photoshop using all of our pictures I scanned in, and typed out the journal entries. I fit as much as I could on an 8X10 page and printed it out in black and white. I then attached all of the pages to a posterboard.

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