Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vintage Airplane Party

For my son's first birthday we threw him a vintage airplane themed party. A year later and I am finally scrapbooking his pictures so I thought I would share. It was so fun and I love how the party decor turned out.

Paxton loves airplanes and so does my hubby so it seemed fitting. For the invitations we used airplane boarding pass tickets with all the details of the party for their flight information. All the link details are listed at the bottom of this post. (The scrapbook pages are layouts I cut in half so you could see the pictures bigger)

The Baggage Claim Area held party favor bags

An adorable flight hat my sister made him. So cute! She is so talented.

We hung some of my husband's RC airplanes around the house and a map of the world as well that we already had. Unfortunately Dora is still a frequent guest at our home.

Boarding Pass Invitations: Vintage Airplane Invitation (Boarding Pass Style) for a Birthday Party or Shower by FLIPAWOO - Customized Printable File but I got mine as part of a set with the entire party pack

All vintage printables: Vintage Airplane Party Premium Set by Flipawoo- Customized Printable Files

Pin the Propeller on the Airplane: Idea came from this site here, but I made it myself to save money. Lots of great ideas on that site.

Emergency Exit signs: googled images on google and printed one out

Passports: handmade from supplies at craft store

Large vintage suitcases: borrowed

Mini suitcases holding passports and food: Bought wooden ones from local craft store and painted them and then put vintage stickers also found at craft store (Hobby Lobby) on them.

I hope you were able to find some inspiration for your next party. Thanks for visiting ours! Happy planning!

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  1. This is SO adorable! I love the baggage claim area!!




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