Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Let anyone be a Party Pooper on your Big Day!

When my son turned one he received so many toys that they took over our house. I swore I would never give toys for a one year old birthday present again. Instead I have tried to come up with some unique and useful gifts. For a neighbor little boy I gave him cute pajamas and a few goodnight books. Children can always use more pajamas and books. But this last creation has been one of my favorite gifts by far. For my nephew's 1st birthday I gave him a training potty fill with all things potty related. I know that one is a little too early to start training, but I wanted my sister to have the stuff when he is ready.

I took a plastic training potty and filled it with training pants, flushable wipes, fun hand soap, M&Ms for rewards, books, a sticker chart, and cheerios for target practice.

I made the sticker chart personalized with his name and then laminated it.

I then wrapped it all up in cellophane and attached a tag that read "Don't let anyone be a PARTY POOPER on your big day!"
My favorite thing in this gift was a book called "I love you, Stinky Face". I thought it was hilarious and so potty training appropriate. You can find this book at putting this gift together I thought of a few other things you could include. There are a lot of different children's books that are about potty training, some even make flushing noises. There are also tons of potty training books for parents to help them learn how to potty train their little one. You could add in some underwear or pull-ups in his or her favorite character.
One last thing, I recently got a coupon book in the mail from Pampers. They are giving away a free DVD called Big Kid Central Potty Training Success. It is free and includes proven tips and tools to help with potty training. Get one at to add to your gift.
Happy Birthday, Jake. Hope you enjoy your potty.

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  1. Nice blog with nice picture of nice gifts. The give away look is so cute. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

  2. This is such a cute idea!! I love the idea of putting it all in a potty!!

  3. Tamara, awesome. Just awesome.



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