Friday, August 14, 2009

Emergency Binder Kits

In today's economy you can never be too prepared. But sometimes its hard to put the time in that is required to really be ready for an emergency. Or its just one of those things that you put off thinking, "Someday I'll get around to it."

For Christmas my parents once got us all 72 hour kits. They we
re awesome presents because its one of those things that you really want and should have, but find yourself wanting to buy yourself something more fun.

If you're looking for a really unique and thoughtful gift, you should check out our Emergency Binder Inserts.

In case of an emergency, say a house fire, wouldn't it be nice if you could save all of your most valuable documents? I used to keep all of them in an old filing cabinet but you won't see me running out of our burning home carrying that! An emergency binder is a place to store birth and marriage certificates, passports, social security cards, home insurance information, car insurance information, emergency cash, missing fliers for your family members, etc. Its all in one convenient place that is easy to grab on your way out the door.

This is a 25 page PDF template that you can print out and use to assemble your own emergency binder.

PDF Template includes pages outlined for each family member (including pets) with current information should you get split up in an emergency situation. Emergency contact list, tax information, titles and insurance, a place to store internet passwords and more.

Where you decide to store your emergency binder is up to you. Some people prefer a fire proof box, others a safe, some a safety deposit box, and others in a
closet closest to their exits for easy access. Help get your friends and family prepared today with the security of an Emergency Binder! You can buy the inserts for $3.99 and it is available for immediate download here.

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  1. Keep the kit in a zip lock bag, and then in a fire-proof safe. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT IDEA!

    We recently had a home fire, and wish to help others through our experience. PLEASE SHARE with your community. Thank You! - Suzann Brucato

    The classical elements of life are fire, earth, water, and air. What though are the elements of living? Having recently experienced a home fire, our family has learned what those basic elements are ... family first, then shelter including clothes and a safe place to sleep, faith in God and in ourselves, and food to nourish both our bodies and our spirits. We have recently published FIRE, EARTH, WATER, AIR, a family literary magazine sharing words and images reflecting our journey ... through the fire. We hope they help you find PEACE. - preview available at

  2. Thanks Suzann for your comment. I think putting it in a ziplock bag is a great idea to protect it from flooding too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Where is the pdf? I cannot find it to download it. LOVE this idea. Thank you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You can find them in our new store at



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