Friday, August 21, 2009

Jar of Messages

This is something that you can buy if you don't have the time, but I think its an easy an inexpensive thing you can make as well. You simply get a glass jar, fill it halfway with colorful shredded paper, and then take some colorful scrapbooking paper and write some kind notes, poems, stories, etc. to the gift receiver. Fold the notes so they aren't readable and place them on top of the shredded paper. Tie a bow around the jar and Tah dah! All done. You can put as many notes in as you want.

The idea is for the receiver to open one note a day
This would be a great going back to school gift to help your child with self esteem and confidence. Its also a great anniversary or birthday gift. You could do a theme such as "All the Things I Love About You" or "My Favorite Memories of our last 2 Years Together" "All the Reasons You Amaze Me"

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