Thursday, August 13, 2009

The story of Brookota

This is my friend Brooke and her boyfriend Dakota. They are so sweet they make your teeth hurt. Brooke told me about this cute idea for a gift that she gave to Dakota:

"For our first anniversary, I made a binder telling 'the story of Brookota' for Dakota. It went from when we first met up until our first date (I ran out of time :P). It was divided month by month, and had little pictures to illustrate things (a pomegranate from when I first made him eat one, a hamster from when I named a hamster after him, etc.). At the end of each month I put a few lined pages with "Dakota's memories" at the top, so he could write in what he remembered. At the very end I put copies of notes we'd passed back and forth, movie ticket stubs, etc."

Don't you just want to eat them with a spoon?


  1. No I dont want to eat them with a spoon, cuz that is gross...but the gift idea is cute.

  2. As I illustrate in the above photograph, Dakota has quite a tasty brain!

    Om nom nom :)



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