Sunday, August 9, 2009


I believe I have the most talented sisters and I have been trying to come up with a way of combining our talents for years. Hence the start of this blog. I feel I have a special knack of coming up with one of a kind, meaningful gifts- whether homemade or purchased. My sisters create amazing gifts. My sister, Tara, has made gift baskets beautiful enough to give to a queen. She also creates jewelry and alters clothing. Krista, makes incredible gifts out of the ordinary. Give her something simple and she turns it into a work of art. She takes a child's storybook and creates felt characters to go with each part of the story. Or a baby's t-shirt and socks and turns them in a fake "smoothie" - a perfect baby shower gift. Aimee is amazing at card making and scrapbooking and even designed this blog. Lisa is the amazing photographer and has made some of the most beautiful photo gifts I have ever seen. And then there is Chalyse. She has created some of the coolest christmas gifts. So, I decided to share our ideas and the ones I have compiled from others with you. I hope you enjoy your visit and find an idea for a one of a kind, meaningful gift. Thanks for stopping by.

A Little More About Krista

 A Little More About Aimee


  1. Don't forget yourself! Tamara makes really cool bulletin boards and picture frames, the kind of gifts that make you want to cry in the good way.

  2. Great ideas ladies =) Your momma should be proud!



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