Thursday, September 10, 2009

Everything but the Kitchen sink

 I think the easiest way to give a fun gift is when the idea for a cute tag is already done for you. Consider Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors:

So sorry I flipped out on you. Let's kiss and make up.

Thank you so much for feeding our pets while we were gone!
Please go out with me, Jamaican me crazy!
Happy Birthday! Congratulations on becoming old as a fossil!
Thanks so much for everything you did for the PTA meeting/cub scout dinner/office party!
Goodbye! It was nice working with you!
Hint Hint *wink*
For a soldier or his family: Stay safe during your deployment! Thank you for your sacrifice for our country!
Hang in there. Maybe this will help.
  You are an Extraordinary Person. Thanks for being you!
This makes a great last minute gift- grab a pint, some stick on labels that you hand write on, and you are good to go!

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