Friday, September 4, 2009

Send your own message in a bottle...My friend Shelly is my partner in crime. We have a flea market booth over at the Streetsboro Flea Market. Our booth is called Three Penny Market. Shelly is the queen of all things recycled- she never throws away anything, because when she is done with it, you want it back! Today, she was making some really great stuff. She had acquired ( we won't ask where) some of those bottles you see sometimes in stores for foodies, those tall bottles full of vinegar with dodgy looking peppers topped with wax. They had seen better days, so she emptied them out, cleaned them up, and bought new corks. She has been busy making them into spooky potion bottles for Halloween, but she made one that will make such a great gift. She filled one of the bottles with sand, and tiny shells, and put in a strategically placed note, (put in so you can read it) that says "Don't rescue me, I love it here." I thought this would make a great anniversary gift for your special someone, especially if you are taking a trip. She put in the cork, and added some charms and things to the outside, to finish it off. I think this gift idea could be adapted for all kinds of ideas, to announce things or to send any kind of special message. Click on the picture above to send a virtual message in a bottle to someone you love...
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