Saturday, September 5, 2009

Magazine Subscriptions

One of my favorite gift ideas is to give a magazine subscription. My favorite magazine is real simple. The magazine is filled with useful tips, websites and even organization ideas. The magazine contains recipes that are easy but look like you spent hours making them. Most the things written about in this magazine are geared towards women, but you can always find a magazine that the recipient likes. I like to give older copies because the information is still useful. If you have already read the issue and are going to throw it out…tie it up with a nice bow and a gift tag letting them know their subscription will start next month. You can also get past issues to any magazine by going to their website. They are about a dollar an issue.

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  1. And to make it all so easy, in about a week, my son will be selling magazine subscriptions to pay for his trip to DC for school. So if you want magazine PLEASE email me first!!!!



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