Thursday, September 3, 2009


 Another inexpensive gift idea is to give an insta-totes lunch bag, they are just three dollars, and made entirely from recycled water bottles. So they are even eco-friendly, if you care about that sort of thing. They come with a handy inside pocket for your bottle of water. My friend gave me the one with this cute baby on it, because I have a blog called Cute Baby Fix, where we post cute babies because who couldn't use a little cuteness to break up the day? Anyway, they have big shopping bags too, in all kinds of colors and designs, for six dollars. The bag I have is super sturdy and really cute. These bags would be great for giving as a reusable gift bag with another gift inside.

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  1. Wow looks great! Awesome! Thank you for sharing these lovely stuff. There is another inexpensive stuff at Happy Tiffin site they also offers an earth-friendly lunch box tins that are very easy to use. =)



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