Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zen Stone

One of the best gifts I have ever received was my Zen Stone. A Zen Stone is a tiny mp3 player that has its own amazing integrated speaker. I'm not an audiophile but it is pretty dang good for what it is. All of our music is digital now, and it was getting annoying hauling the computer around just to listen to some tunes. And I didn't really want an ipod, I think earbuds are annoying. ( I'm not picky or anything.) So my husband got me my Zen Stone, and he loaded it up with love songs, because he knows I am sappy like that. These babies are great for the price- you can get one for twenty bucks. I think I have probably spent more on pizza! These would be great loaded up with romantic songs for an anniversary, or for a way to give some digital music to a teen for Christmas. I love mine, I always have it in my pocket, and my kids say they love it, because it is like a cow bell- they always know where I am. And just so you know, it does come with annoying earbuds. ;)  

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