Monday, September 14, 2009

Survival kits


 One of my favorite gifts to give is a "Survival Kit".  There are kits for every occasion.  I go to my local hardware store and buy an empty paint can, cover it with nice scrapbook paper or wrapping paper and decorate the can using scrapbook materials, ribbon and stamps.  I bought a stamp set at that is a survival kit stamp set and makes it a snap to put together!  I buy the little goodies and put a tag on each one.  Fill the bottom of the can with paper grass and fill it up with the goodies and tags.  Make sure to tie a paint can opener with a ribbon to the outside of the can.  I have many survival kits in my repertoire but here are a few of my favorites.... 

A Survival Kit for Motherhood
Band aid:  To fix hurt feelings.
Tissue:  To fix hurt feelings.
Cotton Swab:  To clean out little ears....for better listening.
Marble:  For when you've lost yours.
Rubber Band:  To stretch you beyond your limits.
Sweet and Sour Tarts:  A reminder that the good comes with the bad, but the good overcomes!

Button:  A reminder to button the lips and count to 10 when angry.
Lifesaver: For when you have had one of those days!
Toothpick:  To pick out the good in trying situations.
Star:  To remember how motherhood makes us SHINE!
Flower:  To remember that the dandelions our little ones pick for us mean more than a lavish bouquet of roses.
Glitter:  For a glimpse of how the world looks through a child's eyes.
Candy Hug and Kiss:  For the little make everything all right!

Marriage Survival Kit

Dove "Promises":  For your promise to love, cherish and honor each other.
A poem:  To share the beauty of words.
Skittles:  For the rainbow of excitement you share.
Popcorn:  Because you keep "popping" into each others thoughts.
Sweet and Sour Candy:  To help you appreciate the differences in each other.
Crayons:  To color your days bright and sunny.
Candy Hugs and Kisses - To remind you that someone loves you and to give this to one another.
Cotton balls -- To help soften the rough times.
Eraser -- To remind you that every day you can start with a clean slate.
Paper Clip -- To help keep things together.
Starburst -- To give you a "burst" of energy on the days you don't have any.
Bubble Bath -- Take a few minutes for yourself and relax.
Peppermint Patty -- For the "cool sensations" you give each other.
A Candle (or a lighter) -- For "lighting up" each other's life.
A Match -- Because you are a perfect "match".
A Pack of Gum -- You "chews" each other for life.
A Tissue -- To wipe away your tears of joy.
A Knotted String -- To unite your love and commitment to each other.
A Stick Of Gum -- To remind you to stick with it.
A Chocolate Kiss -- To remind you that someone cares.
Smarties -- To help you on days when you don't feel so smart.
Lifesaver -- To remind you that everyone neds help once in a while.
A Snickers Bar -- To remind you to see the funny side -- there is one!
A Rose -- To remind you to take time to smell the flowers.
Confetti -- To help you celebrate the good times.
A Penny -- With thanks for sharing your thoughts.
A Bag --To help you keep it all together.

A Survival kit for the "Tool Man"

You can either use all tools cut out of fun foam, or you could buy cheap plastic toy tools and put them in a plastic tool box.

Hammer -- To help you hammer away frustrations.
Ruler -- Remember the Golden Rule.
Saw -- Something to do with cut or sawing away something.
Tape Measure -- To make sure you measure up to expectations.
Screws -- When life gets screwy, rember I'm here for you.
Nails -- To help you nail down the solution.
Router -- To make things groovy.
Plane -- To smooth out trouble spots.
Chalk Line -- To help keep you on the straight and narrow.
Glue -- Love is the glue that holds a family together.
Vice Grips -- To help you grab a hold of your dreams and hang on.
Idea by jazbo and shared on the Craft Sayings Board:


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