Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tile Coasters

I found this really great gift idea at the Trey and Lucy blog as well as Just a Girl and had to try it out myself. I had a wedding last weekend and thought it was the perfect opportunity to make these. They are handmade tile coasters, and they are a cinch! Many of the materials needed you may already have in your craft room, and if not, I was able to purchase everything for around $17.00 and that was buying more than I needed for one gift. Now if I want to make them again, it will only cost the amount of the tiles which would be about $2.00 or less!

 Materials Needed:

  • 4- 4X4 tiles from your nearest Lowes- I got a box of 9 marble tiles for $4.77 but you can get them individually for much cheaper as well, on average around 40 cents each. My tiles are very porous because I thought the ink would stick better, but found that the holes distract from the stamped image so you may want to try a smoother tile. I recommend having a practice tile to make all your design mistakes on.  
  • A StazOn inkpad and ink cleaner. For my tile, once the ink was on, it was on and there was no cleaning it off. But if you get a tile that has been sealed, you can clean off the ink if you don't like how it turned out and redo it. 
  • Stamp(s) to decorate the tops of the tiles with.
  • Felt with sticky backing for the bottoms of the tile. I was able to find a sheet of felt with a sticky back on it for a dollar.
  • Modge Podge and brush- this is only if your tile is unsealed so it can have a finished looked, as opposed to being chalky to the touch.

1. Take your stamp, press it onto the inkpad and then press it firmly onto the tile in the desired location.

Here are some examples of what they could look like:


2. Once the ink design is complete, attach four felt squares to the bottom of each tile.

3. If your tile is unsealed and chalky to the touch, you will want to modge podge the top and sides. This will give it a more finished look. It will brush on white but dries clear.

4. Once dry, pile the tiles on top of each other and tie a matching bow around them.

5. Add a matching tag with your message to who and from.

These are so cheap and easy to make, they would be great to keep stored away for a thank you gift, or would be great for Christmas gifts for large families.

If you try to make these I would love to hear how it goes and see some pictures of how they turned out! 

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  1. These are awesome!! I am so going to make them and I am going to have our RS make them too!! Such a great idea!!! Thanks!!



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