Monday, September 28, 2009

You're tops with me!

 A fun gift to give anyone is a few large potatoes (one for each member of their family) and all the toppings.  I bought some burlap and sewed up a quick bag using twine.  I bought salt and pepper shakers from the dollar store, Tabasco sauce, potato topping shakers, sour cream, a can of chili, real butter, and some velveeta cheese.  I put all this in the bag with a tag that says, "You're Tops With Me!"  You have to make sure you can give the gift to someone close to a fridge if you want to add all the toppings that need to be cold. I make up a few bags at a time and add the items that don't need refrigeration.  That way I can make a quick run to the store to add the extra items right before I give it to them.  If I know they won't have refrigeration, I just give them the bag I already have put together.  This gift is great for anyone of any age!

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1 comment:

  1. This is so great! A really neat idea great for Visiting Teaching gift!! You ladies have the funnest, yes I just said funnest, ideas!!



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