Friday, October 9, 2009

Quiet Book Part 1

I am making my daughter a quiet book that we can take with us to church in hopes that it will keep her little fingers and mind busy so we are not constantly running up and down the hallways. I scoured the web collecting all of my favorite ideas from numerous places. I decided to do an ABC book, but I am afraid it may be too thick, but we'll see how it goes.

Quiet books are awesome and can be passed from child to child, and even become a family heirloom if made to last.

If you were to make this as a gift for someone, like a little niece or nephew's birthday or Christmas present, or your own child's Christmas or birthday present, you could make a much smaller version and not make it ABC specific if you are feeling intimidated.

I find that I can get about one page (one side) done a night, so that may help you to plan accordingly.

I am no where near being done so I will post an updated version later, but here are some of my pages so far to give you some ideas.

Here is my page for the letter "E". The flowers are removable from the buttons.

Here is my letter "G" page representing a grandma. The hands are velcro'ed together. When you open the hands up:

Gramma plays peek-a-boo with you!

Here is my letter "M" page. Its not quite done, but I haven't decided how I want to add words on the page yet. But its a mailbox that is snapped closed. When you open it:


You get a letter from Mommy, which also starts with M.

This is my Noah's Ark page. I still need to add a few more embellishments and the water at the bottom but I ran out of blue felt. Inside the zipper are these little animal finger puppets. I have a pig, chicken, zebra, cow, and giraffe.

We have a weimaraner dog named Toby. But this could be made for any dog. His ear flips up and down to show a pink underside. The leash and collar buckle together.

I have another page thats in the beginning stages of a shoe that you can tie using the "There was an old woman that lived in a shoe' nursery ryhme. I started this project last Saturday and I have been working on it after my daughter goes to bed, so if you have more time you could do a cute little book relatively quickly. When all the pages are done I plan to sew them together and punch three holes along the edge with eyelits and then bind them together with metal rings.

Here are a couple of websites that gave me the most inspiration and have details on how to get started, materials you need, and even free pattern printouts:

Homemade by Jill - her posts in April go through each page individually
How to Make a Quiet Book

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