Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Traditions Part 2

I included this tradition in with the gift I made all about my family christmas traditions. This one is my favorite.

The Christmas Elf Tradition

I found this really cute Elf at Amazon. I made the journals that go along with him and I typed out this letter:

If you've ever visited Santa's Workshop in the North Pole you'll know that Santa has many elves helping him to prepare for Christmas. But I bet you didn't know that not all of the elves stay in the workshop all year round. Each and every year Santa sends some of his magical elves on a special assignment. This Christmas Elf has been assigned to your family. He will visit your household until Christmas Eve when he will catch a ride home to Santa’s Workshop. His assignment as Santa’s helper is to watch for good little girls and boys. This is how Santa really knows who is naughty and who is nice. He will give a full report when Santa gets to town. So be good…he is watching.

Instructions (for parents)
The first time the Elf visits your home, be sure to give him a name. He will come back each year, usually around Thanksgiving. He will arrive in all sorts of crazy ways…as a stow-away in your christmas tree, with the mail in the mailbox, under your child’s bed covers, in a specially wrapped package on your doorstep…etc. Come up with an exciting and different arrival each Christmas.

Your Elf comes with his very own journal that he will record in year after year. He will record how he arrived, when kids are naughty or nice, his late night adventures, and notes to the family. Santa can also write a message in the journal before he sends his elf to your home for a visit. You can also add photos. This journal will be fun to look back at year after year.

Each night your Elf will go to sleep in the most unlikely places. It is often necessary for children to search the house in the morning to find the sleepy Elf. Late at night, your Elf can get into all sorts of mischief. Elves have been known to spill sugarbowls (and leave their tracks in the spill), pop some popcorn and grab the remote for some late night television, leave small surprises and notes, hang dirty socks in place of the stockings, leave new christmas pajamas, etc.

I hope you enjoy this tradition and make it your own. I am so excited to hear about your elf’s late night adventures.

My kids have loved having Jingles (that's our elf) around and I look forward to many years of him visiting us. What are your favorite family traditions? I am always looking for new one. :)

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