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How to Make Handmade Valentine Gifts for Him

Handmade Valentine Gifts for Him

By Amy Madtson
eHow Contributing Writer
Make Handmade Valentine Gifts for Him
Valentine's Day is that time to tell someone special how much they mean to you. Men as well as women like to be thought of on this day too. So show that special man in your life how much he means to you by making a handmade Valentine gift. Of course, it's easy to purchase a gift, but when it's handmade, it's truly from the heart. The key to making a handmade gift for the man in your life is to focus on his interests and likes.
  1. Step 1
Put together a gift basket filled with items that you know he will enjoy. Choose a theme that revolves around his favorite items. Consider his favorite beverages, snacks, hobbies, interests, books or movies. Then choose a container to go with the theme, such as a fishing basket, a small cooler, a popcorn bowl or a picnic basket. Fill the container with items that will match your theme. For instance, if he likes fishing, use an old-fashioned fishing basket and fill it with a couple of sodas, nonperishable snacks, a book or video on fishing, a new fishing reel, hooks and bait. Tie a red bow on the handle and add a note that reads, "To the catch of my life."
  1. Step 2
Make up love coupons. Use cardstock paper to write out coupons for things to do for your man. For instance, write messages like good for a back massage, one free foot rub, picnic dinner, free car wash and one week off from washing dishes. These coupons can be redeemed by your man to receive the offer available. To make the coupons, cut the cardstock paper into 3-by-5-inch coupons; make as many as you desire. Write your message on each coupon, hole-punch the left-hand top corner of each, and thread a ribbon through the holes to hold together; tie the ribbon into a bow.
  1. Step 3
Wrap up candy and add a personalized note. Use a kid's plastic beach pail and shovel; make sure it's clean. Purchase chocolate Hugs and Kisses candy; do not unwrap candy. Fill the bucket with the candy and insert the shovel into the pail. Set the pail in the center of a square of cellophane wrap; use red or pink. Pull the cellophane up around the pail and shovel; gather together at the top and tie with a ribbon. Add a note that reads, "A bucketful of hugs and kisses."
  1. Step 4
Make a menu and feature his favorite dishes. Let him pick what he would like for dinner on Valentines Day. Be sure to have enough ingredients on hand so you can make whatever he chooses. Only list a few choices for a main dish, a side dish and dessert to make it simple. Use poster board cut down to 18 by 18 inches. Fold in half. Write on the front any message you want, open up and write a menu. On Valentine's Day evening, set your dinner table and set the menu at his place.
  1. Step 5
Make a scrapbook for your man. Pick a special event and put together pictures of it in a scrapbook. Decorate the scrapbook in the theme of the event. For instance, if it was a camping trip, use colors and stickers that represent camping.

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