Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pottery Barn Knock Off- Decorative Speckled Egg Vase Filler

It's a little hard to be excited for Easter and Spring when this is what my backyard looks like right now:

So I am doing the best to bring the spring feeling indoors! I LOVE the speckled eggs found over at Pottery Barn. They use them for all different ideas, including a vase filler, as seen here:

The only problem is if you want to purchase these babies, they won't even get shipped out until the end of April. Kinda defeats the purpose. So I had to go elsewhere. Pottery Barn wants $19-$59 for each of their hurricanes, but I got my mine at Costco- only 2 are pictured but I have 3 of them- for $15.00. That's right, ALL THREE cost a total of $15.00.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about Willis!

I got my nest and eggs at Taipan. They were a little pricey- each egg cost two dollars and they were originally meant to be hung from tree limbs. I ripped the ribbons out from them so they look more natural. I bought a nest for pretty cheap and ripped it in half to place in the bottom of both vases. I like the look of Pottery Barn's egg to nest ratio better than mine, but my budget wouldn't allow for more eggs.

So here is my I-can-have-it-right-now knock off version:

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  1. Aimee, I love your posts. You inspire me in so many ways.

  2. Thanks Tamara, you inspire me too!

  3. Way cute, I love the simplicity. And yeah, I'm over the snow too!



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