Saturday, April 7, 2012

Scripture Journaling Artistically: Tim Holtz Inspiration

I have a hard time making layouts in my scripture journal that is all writing based. I am so used to working with pictures from scrapbooking that the transition is difficult. I can make simple pages that look great artistic wise but they don't hold alot of information. Or I can have a page with a ton of information, but its not very pretty. So finding a balance is tricky and I thought I would share new tools and techniques I have been learning for anyone else trying to have an artistic journal that is also filled with lots of writing and information.

This is an insert I made for my Topic Scripture Journal page on Faith. I used alot of supplies and inspiration from Tim Holtz designs. The hardest part is just having all the supplies. When you have that, the things you can make are endless. 

Supplies Needed:

Cardstock Paper or Tag of any size (My paper was completely white when I started)
Craft Sheet- This thing is so awesome I love it!
Distress Inks of any colors (I used Broken China, Black Soot, and Vintage Photo)
Ink Blending Tool
Spray bottle with water (He has a mister but any sprayer will do)
Grungeboard (I used the angel wings and Crown)
Distress Crackle Paint (I used Auntiqued Linen)
Gold Paint or Glitter Glue
Stamps (I used a clock stencil I found at my craft store)
Perfect Pearls
Micron Black pen
Light box
Heat It Craft Tool (I just use my blowdryer)
Any other embellishments (I used Prima Flowers WOOD CLOCKS) Just remember if its for a journal to keep them more flat and not too chunky.

How to Do it: (All embellishments can be replaced with your own)

1. I followed this video tutorial from Tim Holtz to learn how to ink up my paper to be blue. (He shows you how to do it within the first 3.5 minutes of the video).

2. I then went around the edge inking using Vintage Photo Ink and the blending tool. (Starting on your craft mat make little circles and slowly move onto the sides of your paper).
3. Blow it with heat tool or hair dryer for a few minutes. (Must be dry before you apply the perfect pearls.)
4. Stamp Clock image onto background using stamp or stencil and Black Soot Ink.
5. Go over it using Perfect Pearls- the white powder. How to do this is also shown in the video above. My pictures don't really show how it looks because you need to see it in person. So watch the video to get an idea.
6. Trace the quote onto the paper using a Micron pen and lightbox. I used the fonts, Pea Devon Caps, Arial, and Scriptina.
7. Take grungeboard wings and crown. I painted my wings using the crackle paint. I used gold paint or gold glitter glue to paint the crown. And glue grungeboard onto paper. 
8. Glue wood clock on top of grungeboard.

It looks like a lot of work but it takes just a few minutes to do. And it is super crazy fun. And super forgiving. Since I gave this one away I had to make another one for my book and adding all the additional information I had on the topic made it a little more awkward but it ended up like this:

Imagine if you just did a quote journal based on these inserts and techniques. It could be so beautiful. Using the same technique and supplies but just using a different stamp made this:

I plan to use this when I get to the tree of life. Its hard to see from the picture but I used glitter glue to make raised bumps for the fruit. I used perfect pearls copper and white on the tree which you also can't see. Oh and green ink too for the grass. I also used this to make some invites and it took me maybe an hour or two to make over a dozen. Its super fast and fun. 

One thing I haven't been able to find is wrinkle free paper. There is some out there I know, but I haven't found it yet. I just have to let mine flatten in a book for a bit when I am done.

Has anyone else come up with some artistic ways to balance art and information in there journals? I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Hi Aimee,
    Just stumbled across your blog, thank you Pinterest, and I'm enjoying these journaling posts.
    I had an 'ahah!' moment last week and have decided to put together a scripture study / quotes journal using these kinds of scrapbooking and art journaling techniques. I thought it was completely novel, but I'm glad to see you've had the same thought. Great inspiration and ideas. Thanks for sharing.



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