Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Journaling Templates

This is my newest favorite layout in my topics journal. Its about forgiveness and the majority of it is from a talk that I found a long time ago that I have kept in the front of my scriptures that changed my life! Its called "The Healing Power of Forgiveness" by President James E. Faust
Some people have asked if I would be willing to sell my chapters and topics page templates. The problem with this is I have used purchased graphics that would cause copyright issues if I use them for more than personal use. However I have been tweaking some of them to make them downloadable.

Here is an example of part of the layout I did in my Topics journal using one of the templates you can now purchase. I had to change it a little bit so that it looks like this (without the watermark):

I am also offering the journaling page for your chapters journal where it has a column for verse by verse journaling. Here is an example:

Tweaked a bit, it will look like this when you download it:

They come in .pdf file versions. All you have to do is print them out and fill them in just like I do. By doing it this way it allows me to use them when I want the structure and to not have to use them when I want to do something more artsy

You can purchase both of these individually here and here in the shop.The template with the column for the verse can also be found as part of the Chapters Kit.


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  1. Great thing that allows to use them when want the structure and to not have to use them.I have Asian Handmade Craft Business and I really appreciate your post...Thanks

  2. I like the journal pages. How do you put them together? Glue them into a notebook? or something else?

    Sorry, do not know why my google account is coming up at Mrs. williams; my name is Andrea.

  3. Yes I glue them into my coptic journal. This is because I don't always want to use the template when I am feeling more artsy but when I want the structure I like to have it.

  4. Hi, I was wondering what kind of font you used for the word 'lesson'. It's so good!

    1. The font is called Lady Rene. I absolutely adore it and use it often.

  5. What size are the pages? I assume they are not 8 1/2 by 11 to fit in your journal. Thanks!

    1. My journal pages are 7X10 but the templates can be adpted to whatever size you would like. Depending on your editing program or printer software, you can usually magnify it to a full page if thats what you want.



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