Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Scarves Sewing Tutorial

With the cooler weather approaching, its time to rearrange our wardrobes. And what is the perfect fall accessory? Scarves!!! Don't know how to knit? That's ok, no knitting required. 

I don't consider myself blessed in the sewing department. I can do some basics and I am learning more with each new project. But when I found this I thought, "That seems easy enough, I think I could do that!" This designer made a few of them for her friends as gifts.


Here's how you make them:

"I cut a bunch of fabric scraps and sewed them together in a long strip about 60 inches long. I backed that with corderoy of the same length and sewed them together with right sides facing. I left a 3 inch opening on one of the short ends for turning. After I turned them I top stitched all along the edges.
That’s it! That’s all you have to do! Sandwich your fabric right sides together, leave yourself an opening, turn and topstitch. You can totally make that for this weekend! Heck you could probably get a jump on your holiday gifts, too.
You can see the full thread here:"

She has a few other pictures on the forum for you to get some other ideas. How great would these be for fall birthdays or Christmas gifts?!?


Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway, it ends tomorrow!!!

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  1. Wow those scarfs are very trendy looking. I don't sew at all and could not even do that.

  2. Aimee- I have been making very similar things out of old T-shirts. I will have to post some pix.



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