Saturday, September 26, 2009

Men vs. Women

Today is my 4th anniversary and I am again reminded how different men and woman are when it comes to gift giving. I gave my husband a few very thoughtful, though kind of useless gifts. I was going for the sentimental side of things. My husband, however, goes for the "what does my wife need" approach. When I opened my gift and saw that it was a Snuggie, yep, a snuggie...a blanket with sleeves...I laughed because I thought it was a joke. I said "I didn't know people really bought these things", and quickly realized that my husband thought I would love the gift. He said "You are always asking for a blanket at night on the couch and you are always cold, so I thought you would like it."

My husband also got me a lighted magnifying mirror. Now this I actually told him I wanted. But it gave me a gift idea that men could give to their wives. Buy a nice magnifying mirror for your wife's vanity and put a card on it that says "You are so beautiful." That is the best of both worlds...something useful but sweet as can be.

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