Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Personalized Books

I made a couple personalized books for my son a few years back out of the many photographs I have taken of him. I have been thinking about making one for my youngest son and realized I don't have quite as many pictures of him. His books will be much harder to design. But here is what I did. I went to one of the many sites that let's you create a hardbound book, (my favorite is Shutterfly) and I designed an ABC book.

Each page has picture of my son with the things he loves.

Starting with A and ending with Z....

Z was easy for us because my last name is Zappe. He loves his books and learns while he reads them. I also made a Colors and Numbers one. If you take a lot of pictures these books are so easy and will be cherished for years.

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  1. We did something like this when one of my boys was supposed to make an alphabet book for school- we didn't have enough pictures either so we put in things like P is for Pez, and L is for Luke Skywalker. We also used silly pictures like U was for Mallory in her unicorn Halloween costume. I went the cheapy route and put them in a notebook with page protectors.



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