Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project Happiness

As the new year rolls in, everyone dusts off their resolutions and gives them another go. This year, I decided I am only going to do things that make me happy or bring happiness to others. Like giving gifts and having more parties and making attitude adjustments like deciding that Monday is the new Friday. I know that I am happier and everything runs more smoothly when my house is clean and organized, but with four children, cats, dog, etc. it seems like an unobtainable dream. So I thought about it, and realized that I spend half my life cleaning up the high traffic areas, and letting the rest sort of fester. So each day, I am picking a non- high traffic area to clean, polish and organize- and to make it more fun, me and my sister Lisa are doing it together, over the phone. Today, we decided to clean out the space under our kitchen sinks.  It may seem like a small goal, and easily executed, but the results make me very happy. What are you resolving to do in the new year? What makes you happiest?

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